We are launching our arsenic (As) analysis for Multimetal Water Analysis System (MWAS) in Nordics in summer 2024. It will be available later also for our customers outside Nordics. The system uses a new patent pending Metal Collector designed to catch As ions from natural or industrial water samples. The new collectors are compatible with the existing MWAS kits, only the XRF spectrometer need to be calibrated to take advantage of the new feature.

The As analysis has been developed during 2022 – 2023 in collaboration with University of Eastern Finland. It has been validated with variety of water samples from mining and metal processing industries provided by industrial partners. Table and Figure below show how well the MWAS As analysis match with laboratory ICP-MS results with different water samples.

Table 1. As analysis with MWAS compared with laboratory ICP-MS analysis with water samples from mining and metal processing sites. (x on sample name indicates that the sample was artificially spiked with As).

Figure 1. Plot of As measurements with MWAS versus ICP-MS showing linear correlation.

The MWAS analysis is capable of quantifying As accurately and precisely in a wide concentration range and in wide variety of water samples. The pH was ranging from acidic 3.0 to basic 9.6 and electric conductivity from freshwater with 250 µS/cm to quite saline 3900 µS/cm industrial waters in the studied samples. The detection limits were as low as 12 µg/l. The detection limits may vary depending on used XRF spectrometer, filtration volume and water matrix.

3AWater Team thanks our partner University of Eastern Finland and all our industrial collaborators, who sent their samples for us.

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