Precise real-time results on the field

moni­toring tools for water mana­gement

No more difficult sampling, slow delivery and expensive laboratory measurements. Measure the metal concentrations from your waters right away and react quickly!

A person with equipment backpack and water sampler in hand stands in front of a water reservoir.

Fast and Easy Dissolved Metal Analysis of Waters

3AWater Multimetal Water Analysis System (MWAS) can measure metal contents of waters anywhere in less than ten minutes. It gives simultaneously precise ppb (µg/l) levels of six dissolved metals in real-time on-site in field conditions.

Anybody can learn to use the technology after half an hour training and perform reliable water measurements. The system is essentially maintenance-free and the user can focus on performing measurements without need for calibrations, cleaning or blank measurements. The results of metal measurements and GPS coordinates can be uploaded to cloud service for easy access and centralized data management.

No more delivering the samples to laboratory and waiting for the results. Test your water quality right away and react immediately without a delay.

Taking analysis from laboratory to field

3AWater Multimetal Water Analysis System is a patented portable and battery-operated monitoring tool, where everything needed for analysing the waters is included in our light-weight Accessory Kit.

The heart of the technology is a nanotechnology-based metal ion collector that is enclosed in our consumable filtration set.

The nanotechnology makes it possible to use of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) to detect and quantify trace metals in water samples.

Fast analysis enables smart industrial water management

3AWater brings the real-time analysis and decision-making power to the hands of the operators working with industrial and environmental waters. This allows quick actions and improvements such as:

  1. Optimize processes and water treatment for better production yields and savings in chemical and energy costs.
  2. Manage environmental risks and lower environmental impact by ensuring regulatory compliance with analysis of discharge waters and pin-pointing sources of problems such as leakages or seepages.
  3. React fast to abnormal situations in water management such as electric power outages and dam failures.
  4. Select only relevant samples for laboratory analysis by screening the water quality in the area i.e. smart sampling.

Secure and manage your operations, business and environment with real-time data.

Two persons wearing 3AWater branded safety jackets in front of a lake.


3AWater strives to be a global provider of smart and simple monitoring tools for water management in order to help water intensive industries to decrease their environmental impact. We want to help in building confidence and trust between metal industry and communities by making it easier to secure clean water across the globe.