EPSE is a Finnish company dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and circular economy by minimizing the environmental footprint of their clients. EPSE’s unique solution transforms hazardous industrial process and wastewaters into metal-free water overflow and practically insoluble metal-containing precipitate, which can be recycled further. The EPSE™ Method is particularly effective for acidic wastewaters and process waters containing metals, produced by mining and other industries.

In 2023, EPSE used 3AWater’s Multimetal Water Analysis System (MWAS) for a water treatment project they did for their client. The aim was to remove soluble uranium from a mine wastewater reservoir water in order to produce process water for the mine’s operations. In a drought-stricken region, access to additional water is critical, making this project particularly important. Optimizing the water treatment process was expected to be very time-consuming as the crucial water analyses would have to be made far from the remote site. However, the rapid uranium analysis enabled by MWAS helped EPSE’s field operatives to optimize the water flow and chemical feed parameters of their treatment system efficiently without the need to wait for laboratory results.

“The device was easy to use and safe, and having immediate results not only made the work in the field easy, but also faster than it would otherwise have been. Getting water sample shipments from outside the EU to Finland is always a bit of a challenge, and so the waiting time could have been days at worst, extending the overall project duration by weeks”, commented EPSE’s field operatives.

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