Multimetal water analysis system (mwas)

3AWater Multimetal Water Analysis System (MWAS)


  1. Measures dissolved Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb, U simultaneously.
  2. Low concentrations down to 5 ppb (µg/l).
  3. Fast, under 10 minutes.
  4. Easy, with just 30 min training.
  5. Low maintenance, no calibrations or other time-consuming procedures.
  6. On-site, anywhere.
  7. Competitive pricing.

Arsenic measurements coming soon.

Interested in performance and reliability of the analysis?
The MWAS has been validated by independent experts with real mining and environmental water samples.

3AWater Consumable set

The filtration set includes the 3AWater metal collector, a 0.45 µm syringe filter, and a syringe. A water sample is pumped through the metal collector and syringe filter by the purpose-built syringe pump. One set is needed for each measurement.

Nanotechnology used in the metal collector provides a large surface area, about 4000 times larger than the area of the filter, for the metal ions to get trapped into. The metal ions are concentrated there hundreds fold compared to original water sample.

The water sample is only in contact with the consumable parts eliminating contamination issues and making the system maintenance free. The user does not need to spend valuable time in calibrating the system, washing the used parts or running blank samples to ensure reliable results. The MWAS is always ready for measurements immediately.

Single-use filtration set including 3AWater metal ion collector, a 0.45 µm syringe filter, and a syringe. 3AWater metal ion collector opened with magnification to the nanostructured surface.

3AWater Accessory Kit

Everything needed for metal monitoring in a portable and easy to handle package. Accessory kit includes:

  • Lightweight and comfortable backpack for carrying the equipment.
  • Battery operated Syringe pump for easy and repeatable sample analysis.
  • Sample adapter for metal ion collector in a radiation shield for easy and safe analysis with X-Ray Fluorescence technology.

Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF)

Handheld XRF analyzers are portable instruments that have been used for more than 50 years to analyse metal compositions of solid samples, such as ores, drill cores, soil samples, or metal products. 3AWater technology broadens its applicability for monitoring waters. With 3AWater calibrations the instrument becomes a multipurpose analytical device for mining and metal industry.

Read the metal concentration from the screen of the spectrometer or send them with coordinates to cloud service for mapping the results.

MWAS is compatible with Hitachi X-MET and Evident’s Vanta XRF spectrometers. Already own one of these spectrometers? Send us the model details and let us check if it is already compatible.

Download MWAS technical notes for Hitachi X-MET and Evident Vanta.

Interested on a trial?

We will test your water sample and provide you a performance report for free. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss the details.